Collection: Wastes

Bath wastes are essential components of a bath as they help drain out the used water. There are different types of bath wastes available to suit different types of baths. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Standard waste: This is the most common type of bath waste and fits most standard-sized baths. It typically consists of a plug and chain mechanism that can be opened and closed to allow water to drain out.

2. Click-clack waste: This type of waste is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a more convenient way to open and close the drain. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that can be easily operated by pressing or pushing on the plug.

3. Pop-up waste: Similar to the click-clack waste, the pop-up waste also has a spring-loaded mechanism. However, instead of being operated by pushing or pressing on the plug, it has a lever or button that can be activated to open and close the drain.

4. Overflow waste: Some baths have an overflow feature that prevents the water from overflowing. In such cases, an overflow waste is needed, which consists of a waste outlet that connects to the overflow pipe.

5. Freestanding bath waste: Freestanding baths require a special type of waste that is designed to accommodate their unique design.