Do YOU delight in pampering or simply need to destress after a hard day? We’re right there with YOU.

With our range, you’ll no longer have to travel far and wide to find your ideal spa. Now you can create your personal space in your own home. Whether that’s in your luxurious bathroom or within your bed-room for a blissful bath before bed, we have you covered.

YOU deserve what you desire: you bathe, and you relax in your own personal way. Our luxury baths truly are all about YOU.

Surround yourself with the perfumed aroma of your favourite bath and pampering products, collect your biggest fluffy towel, a fragranced candle or two and create your very own tranquil sanctuary.
Once you’ve chosen your perfect bath, you’ll find an extensive range of taps to suit every style.

We’re here to help whenever you’re ready.


Dan and Davina

YOU Bathing … It starts with a Bath....